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For all too long, investing in the incredible technologies and advances coming out of universities was available to only the wealthy. 

After critical changes in investment laws YOU can now invest as a founder in the big ideas, 

breathtaking innovations, future visions, and potentially reap the benefits too. SpinUp Campus is your connection to these opportunities. 

As an investor in an early-stage spin up, you will be part of the team that could turn promising ideas into tangible treatments.

This is the incredible power of you!

"This gives my research a chance of saving lives with my new genetic engineering discoveries." 

Jane M., IL

"We always wondered what it was like to invest very early on in a cool start-up."

Jim P., VA

"I can invest for the price of a month of coffees!"

Mary F., NY

If you're a scientist or professor with a big idea,

we're ready to get our team of experts working for you. We'll help you spin up the company and keep it moving forward with a broad range of support services and expertise. We recruit proven business teams to build and grow your idea for long term success. 

We have some incredibly exciting projects in the works! Curious? 

At SpinUp Campus, our mission is to connect trailblazing university scientists with public investors to bring life-improving and life-saving innovations to market. Register today to learn more and join the exciting adventure helping brilliant people do great things.

Some of the biotech and nanotech areas we are funding. 



For decades, SpinUp Founder, Billy Meadow, has been a technology entrepreneur. He has helped to fund and commercialize several companies based on the patented ideas of professors and academic researchers. From this journey sprouted the idea that everyone should have the power to invest in remarkable technologies, and SpinUp Campus was born. With a team of entrepreneurial professionals he has realized his mission and handed the power of investment to you.