Invest in something earth-shattering without it being 
​bank account-shattering.

With your investment, we can achieve incredible things.

Our mission is to connect trailblazing university scientists with public investors to bring life-changing innovations to market.

Life-Improving, even life-saving innovations are happening everyday, in university labs across the country. But turning a scientific breakthrough into a commercially-viable business is a daunting process for many researchers. At SpinUp Campus, we endeavor to find these hidden gems and bring them to market. By entering into a patent license agreement, we partner with the brilliant minds who are doing the work, to turn promising ideas into commercial successes. Unlike venture capitalists and incubators, SpinUp Campus doesn't just raise capital. We apply business planning, operational infrastructure and marketing to bring scientific breakthroughs to the world. 

This is where you come in. Thanks to Titles III and IV of the Jumpstart Our Business (JOBS) Act,  everyday people - not just the wealthy few - have the opportunity to become founding investors in what just may turn out to be the next big thing. Equity crowdfunding risks are indeed high, but so is the potential reward. Isn't it worth the cost of a month of coffees to find out? 

Now we just need YOU to join our team and invest in the future.

Headquartered in Florida, SpinUp Campus connects trailblazing university scientists with public investors to bring life-improving innovations to market. We endeavor to commercialize biotech and nanotech discoveries that benefit the world through investment opportunities that benefit the individual. SpinUp Campus is driven by serial entrepreneurs who know how to identify promising innovations at the university level. We raise capital through equity crowdfunding campaigns and leverage the collective experience of our team to transform scientific ideas into successful business enterprises.